Got yourself an Opportunist?

The Opportunist is cousin to the Muncher. They are also food-driven and take a glass-half-full approach to life. They are cheeky and clever, and they know how to work a room – they’ll find the weakest link at a human gathering and con them into giving up their food.

The opportunist is not to be underestimated – don’t be fooled by those doting puppy dog eyes, they are ambitious schemers who know how to get what they want.

The Opportunist could require veterinary care related to foreign body ingestion, stomach pumping, bloating, vomiting and diarrhoea or even surgery.

Meet Opportunist Charlie, the happy-go-lucky Cocker Spaniel, who ate fatty chicken drumstick knuckles and started vomiting shortly afterwards. Following his visit to the vet, Charlie was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Charlie had to stay in hospital to be treated for three days and to receive intravenous fluids. The vet invoice came to $2,301 but the out-of-pocket cost to the customer was just $476 as they claimed on the spot with a GapOnly® ready policy.

“As Charlie had to stay in the hospital for a few days, we were so thankful that we could use GapOnly to just cover the difference between the invoice and the claim benefit under our policy.

“The whole process was quick and easy to navigate, and it alleviated the financial worry of being able to afford the full payment up front. It also saved time as we didn’t need to submit a claim separately or worry about the hassle of additional paperwork. Most importantly, it meant we didn’t need to compromise on the quality of care and treatment that Charlie needed.” GapOnly® customer, Rae-Anne

PetSure data shows the average amount submitted for pancreatitis disease in 2022 for dogs was $1,757, with an average benefit of $1,242 paid back per case.

Need to insure your Opportunist? Make sure it’s a GapOnly® ready policy.

Testimonials and customer experience may vary depending on individual circumstances. Pet insurance covers a portion of eligible vet bills. Claims vary based on circumstances and cover.