Introducing GapOnly™

You became a vet because you’re passionate about animals, not because you’re passionate about insurance paperwork.  But between general health checks and surgeries, pet insurance can be the deciding factor between getting to perform that surgery to save your patient’s life and having to (reluctantly) turn the customer away because they can’t afford the bill. PetSure is committed to bringing GapOnly™ to your clinic to help your clients further by enabling you to reducing their out-of-pocket expense.

GapOnly™ lets your clients settle their invoices while they’re still at your practice, but only pay the gap (the difference between the total of your invoice and the claim benefits under their policy) rather than the full invoice amount. 

With our innovative online system calculating their claim benefits on the spot and a team of qualified vets and vet nurses assessing the claim while your client’s still at your practice, they’ll know exactly how much they owe you upfront and don’t have to wait for their claim to be paid. Most claims are assessed in less than 10 minutes, but if it’s going to take longer, we’ll call you and explain what’s happening so your client can decide if they’d like to wait or submit an eClaim instead.

How GapOnly™ helps vets

It provides a better experience for customers, increasing loyalty and retention.

It's simple and automated, with reimbursements typically processed within 48 hours and no additional transaction fees.

The speed of the solution gives vets more time back to spend with their patients and less on paperwork.

Bring the ease of GapOnly™ to your practice

Stand out from other practices and improve client loyalty by letting your existing clients know about GapOnly™ and encouraging them to ask their insurer if the service is available for their policy

Promote GapOnly™ on your website, social media sites and at your practice. We have posters, decals and brochures available to help you share the advantages of GapOnly™ with your clients.

If GapOnly™ doesn’t suit, eClaims has your clients covered

GapOnly™ claims can be submitted from Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm (AEDT), and on Saturday 9am – 5pm (AEDT).

There might be times when GapOnly™ isn’t the right solution, because:

  1. It’s outside operating hours,
  2. Your client’s insurer isn’t GapOnly™ enabled yet, or
  3. Your client doesn’t want to wait at the practice.
  4. If that’s the case, just submit a PetSure eClaim. 

There’s no additional paperwork to complete or sign, so submitting an eClaim is quick and easy for your team and your client can leave the practice knowing their claim is underway. All our claims are assessed by a team of qualified vets and vet nurses, and most are processed within three business days.

PetSure is the name behind 90% of Australia’s pet insurance brands. We understand that more insured pets mean more opportunities for you to provide the best possible care, offer clients more options, and help more pet owners love their life with pets.

Want GapOnly™ in your vet practice?

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