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Introducing GapOnly®

As a pet parent, when your fur baby gets sick or injured, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you can afford treatment.

Innovating the pet insurance claims experience, GapOnly® reviews and calculates your pet insurance claim while you’re still at the vet. You simply pay the gap (the difference between the vet’s invoice and the claim benefit under your policy) and go.

Helping pet parents

GapOnly® innovates the pet insurance claims experience for pet parents and vets.

Healthy pets, happy wallets

With less out of pocket expense, pet parents can focus on the health of their pet, not the cost of treatment.

No paperwork

With the on-the-spot claims processing, pet parents can just pay the gap and go. Goodbye paperwork!

Convenient claiming

Request a pre-approval prior to treatment, have your claim processed ahead of pick-up, or claim on the spot – the choice is yours.

Find your closest GapOnly® vet

Search for your closest GapOnly® vet clinic. GapOnly® is available at more than 1,000 vets around Australia, with more being added to the network every day.

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Meet Charlie #PetTale

Viviane and Charlie, proud RSPCA Pet Insurance and GapOnly® customers, August 2022.

Meet Lily #PetTale

Bradley and Lily, proud Bow Wow Meow and GapOnly® customers, August 2022.

Meet Harvey #PetTale

Christine and Harvey, proud RSPCA Pet Insurance and GapOnly® customers, August 2022.