Is your feline an Amateur Street Fighter?

With a love for adventure and the outdoors, the Amateur Street Fighter likes to be out and about exploring the world and claiming territories. Often getting into brawls at the dog park or picking a fight with the next door neighbor’s cat, they are territorial about their space and don’t understand when mum or dad tells them to ‘pick on someone their own size.’ They are sassy, confident and like to show everyone who’s boss.

Due to their fearless nature, the Amateur Street Fighter dog or feline could be more prone to ticks and other wildlife interactions, such as snake bites. They could need veterinary care for bite injuries, wound management, abscess or lacerations.

Meet Amateur Street Fighter Mr. Darcy, the nine-year-old Tonkinese cat, who was hospitalized with a small puncture wound as the result of a cat fight. Although he was initially presented for lameness, the vet identified the wound at his second check up (it’s common for cat fight wounds to be hidden initially as the wound can be quite small and it can take days for inflammation to develop).

Mr. Darcy was treated with intravenous fluids, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to put him on the path of recovery. The vet invoice was $1,349 but with a GapOnly® ready policy, the pet parent paid the gap of just $270. With less upfront expense, the customer could focus on the health of Mr. Darcy and not the cost of treatment.

Based on PetSure claims data, the average amount submitted for tissue damage – traumatic injury in 2022 for felines was $585 with an average benefit of $385 paid back per case.

Need to insure your Amateur Street Fighter? Make sure it’s a GapOnly® ready policy.

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