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Mishaps and mischief

Scroll down to read true stories of pet mishaps and mischief, using real GapOnly® cases*, to see why a GapOnly® ready pet insurance policy could come in handy. #truestory

Find a GapOnly® ready policy

With GapOnly®, you can claim your eligible pet insurance benefit on the spot, and you’ll only pay the gap (the difference between the vet’s invoice and the amount covered by your policy).
GapOnly® is available at participating vet clinics via GapOnly® ready pet insurance partners.



* Pet insurance covers a portion of eligible vet bills. Claims vary based on circumstances and cover.


Claiming is simple with GapOnly®

Once you’ve found your closest vet, claiming with GapOnly® is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Let your vet know you’d like to submit a GapOnly® claim for your pet’s treatment.

The vet lodges the GapOnly® claim, and it’s assessed in around 10 minutes.

Once the claim has been assessed and approved, you simply pay the gap and go.