Is your furry friend a Perfectionist?

With Virgo-like qualities, the perfectionist is obsessive about things that bother them, and if something isn’t right, they just can’t let it go. Feline perfectionists tend to over groom to the point that they often develop fur balls that need to be removed. They are highly-strung which means they are fussy eaters and can become anxious if you mess with their routine or space.

Vet visits for perfectionists could be related to vomiting, fur ball retrieval, skin issues or furballs in the oesophagus.

Meet Perfectionist Rascal the Ragdoll cat, who presented at the vet for drooling and retching. Following the X-ray, it was suspected that there was something stuck in his oesophagus. After examination, the vet found two clumps of white fur that were 2x3cm long. The fur balls were successfully removed.

The vet bill was $2,769 but the customer claimed on the spot with a GapOnly® ready policy which reduced the upfront cost to just $554.

According to PetSure data, the average amount submitted in 2022 for skin issues for felines was $366 with an average benefit of $215 per case.

Need to insure your Perfectionist? Make sure it’s a GapOnly® ready policy.

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