RSPCA and GapOnly helped me as a pet parent during a traumatic situation for her and me. She went into SASH after excreting blood, found out she was having an acute pancreatitis attack and hemorrhagic diarrhea, and without their claim on the spot, it could have been a choice between money ($16,000 worth of treatment) and my dog’s life.

With intensive treatment, a visit to the ICU and 6 days of worrying, SASH saved her and allowed me to bring her home. But it wouldn’t have been possible to have any of that, without GapOnly and RSPCA, which is why I am forever thankful I decided to get RSPCA Pet Insurance.

I am forever grateful that SASH has GapOnly and that I had RSPCA insurance because my baby wouldn’t be here right now without it”.

Sarah and Loki, proud RSPCA Pet Insurance and GapOnly® customers, March 2023.     

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