I’m so lucky to have always had pet insurance on Jude because we’ve come close to maxing his insurance every year and we are on top tier cover!

There have been many sleepless nights worrying about his future, his pain, his happiness and how to look after him post surgeries causing tears of frustration and stress.

Having his most recent massive surgery at SASH where I could utilise the GapOnly claim eased most of this financial burden. I was able to have this procedure done earlier than expected because I didn’t have to worry about saving the full amount or taking out a massive bank loan.

Jude is my baby. He’s my soulmate and the one I connect with most in this world. We know each other so well just through looks and I’m so lucky to spend most of my days with him. I can’t wait til he’s back to his best capacity and able to play down at the beach again next summer. He’s the love of my life and to see him recovering makes me so joyful.

Thank you RSPCA and GapOnly for providing this service. It’s helped many pet parents during our times of need.”

Elizabeth and Jude, proud RSPCA Pet Insurance and GapOnly® customers, April 2023.     

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