He was put on medication straight away and we thought he would recover as the blood count level wasn’t critical. This was Monday morning, by that afternoon Jax had deteriorated and we rushed him to The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University.

The staff there were fantastic and ran through all the scenarios with us, giving us as much information as they could as well as what the treatment plan and costs would be. The original quote was going to be around $2,000 to $4,000 dollars but knowing we had Pet Insurance we were comfortable in being able to make this payment and claim later.

Somewhere during Jax’s treatment, the staff advised that the costs had already gone over the $4,000 and needed our approval to continue treatment, every Pet Parent’s worst nightmare is having to make a decision as to when to stop treatment or put their loved one’s out of their misery. We were in a fortunate position to be able to continue the treatment, although everyday I kept thinking ‘how many more days can we continue?’. The stress of seeing our poor boy go from 65kg to 52kg as well as the increasing costs were something I don’t want to go through again. All the medication and blood transfusions were triple the normal amount due to his size.

Our story so far has a happy ending, Jax managed to finally pull through, enough for us to take him out of Hospital. The day we picked him up we were both ecstatic as well as apprehensive on paying the final bill. So it was a HUGE relief to be told by the Hospital Staff that they could put the claim through and all we would need to pay was the GAP!! I was honestly expecting all my credit cards to melt, but it was such a relief to only have to pay for the GAP.

Jax is still on the road to full recovery, which may take 6+ months. Since his illness it’s a two weekly visit to the Vets, for blood tests, which would have been impossible to do in the past without him being knocked out.”

Christina and Jax, proud RSPCA Pet Insurance and GapOnly® customers, January 2023.     

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