Are you considering pet insurance ? Wondering whether you’ll need it?

In your pet’s lifetime, they’re likely to visit the vet for a variety of reasons. Even if they’re relatively healthy, their vet costs could add up to around $30,000~.

Your pet has access to advanced, innovative veterinary care to keep them healthy and happy. But the cost of that care can be significant, especially when treatment is unexpected. And it’s important to remember that there is no Medicare for pets to help make it more affordable.

So how much does it cost?

According to PetSure^ 2023 Claims data, one in seven pet dogs and cats could have had lifetime healthcare costs exceeding $50,000**. The cost of some common conditions affecting dogs and cats are as follows:

Condition (dogs all ages)Average cost for treatment*Highest cost for treatment*
Skin infection/allergies$557$20,622
Gastrointestinal disease$773$26,435
Ear infection$385$20,654
Condition (cats all ages)Average cost for treatment*Highest cost for treatment*
Gastrointestinal disease$711$20,654
Traumatic injury$871$30,990
Skin infection/allergies$382$9,614

Are you prepared in case your pet needs a treatment like this?

According to research by PetSure, 40% of pet owners would consider economic euthanasia if a veterinary treatment cost exceeded $3,000#. Our furry friends can be unpredictable, and you never know when you might need to cover treatment costs for an accident or illness. Pet insurance can be an important way to help when these costs arise.

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Because you never know if your pet will be like Lucky or not…

^PetSure is the power behind GapOnly®
~Lifetime pet health cost based on PetSure data 2022

*Pet insurance only covers a portion of the eligible vet bill. Claims are subject to limits, benefit percentage, applicable excess, waiting periods and exclusions. Claims experience varies depending on circumstances and policy coverage.

#PetSure research on customer’s sentiment towards vet bills (Sept – Oct 2022)

**Average lifetime healthcare costs estimated using output from PetSure proprietary modelling. This modelling incorporates PetSure claims and policy data from ~c. 2016 to the present day across all insured breeds. This estimate relies on assumptions around future healthcare cost increases and represents a 15-year view of an average animal, for the mix of breeds currently insured with PetSure brand partners.